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We enjoy games and hearing about games. Did your character single handily save your party from a ferocious dragon with only a toothpick? This is the place to tell us about it and share your gaming awesome sauce with others who would love to hear about it.

Keep up with our events, whether they are tournaments or demos. Have your own event you would like us to inform the community about, just let us know and we would love to keep everyone in the loop.

Games Are Better Together

Join us at one of the hosted events, or create an event of your own. Our demos will have multiple copies of the game available for groups to play on their own. We familiarize ourselves with the rules beforehand so we can guide you through the game.

Our tournaments can vary and details will be listed in each event. If you would like to host your own tournament, contact us ahead of time and we can discuss the details necessary to host the event.

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We carry products for your modelling hobby or building terraine for your tabletop war games. We carry acrylic paint from both Vallejo and P3.

We also have a pottery kiln, expanding your available tools for terrain, modelling, or dioramas. We burn at least once a week and will keep the burn days updated.

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We have a modest selection of board games and carry Warmachine and Hordes for tabletop gaming. We have a demo shelf of games that you are free to play without cost. If there is a game you would like to see up close, talk to us and we may have an open copy available for you to test.

We offer a variety of drinks, both hot and cold. Our large tables can support a large variety of gaming requirements.

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We open our play area for everyone to enjoy. Bring your own games and play them with your friends or paint your figures together.

If you just want a meeting place to meet with a large group of people and coffee, we are here for that as well.

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