The All but Ensured Victory and its Sudden Destruction – or Just a Normal Game of Munchkin

Group of people playing Munchkin

Munchkin has a special place in any collection. You either love the game or you hate the game and any who would stand in between will be smitten by the Dread Gazebo and his wandering friend the Net Troll! You will spend the game greedily looking at your friend’s spiked codpiece just waiting for the chance to either steel it or curse him with femininity. There are no heroes in munchkin and while you might be willing to help your friend with the Shrieking Geek this round, you will be just as quick to toss him the Duck of Doom the next.

And that is munchkin in a nutshell. You are traversing the dungeon with your friends and happily fighting the monsters that get in your way, meanwhile packing bags fat full of loot — that is, until your friend threatens to surpass your magnificence. Then it’s time to play dirty, because in the dungeon you don’t have to outrun the monster, you only have to outrun your teammates.

The rule is, to make it to level 10, it must be by defeating a monster, but this is munchkin and rules are meant to be broken. Level nine is the most dangerous level in munchkin. You are filled with confidence when that potted plant is flipped, its level 1, you have a combat level of 27, victory is yours! But your once best friend reminds the plant it’s an ancient species, and the guy who dragged you out of deaths clutches pokes the monster into a blind rage, and your girlfriend, the last bastion of hope, decides to put the plant through college and spread the zombie virus. You are left with an intelligent but enraged, ancient zombie potted plant. But despite their treachery, they have failed, they can’t snatch this victory from you and you wind yourself up in order to perform your best happy dance. From under the roar of your gloating there is a soft “excuse me”, you watch in slow motion as the thief pulls cards from his hand, dropping them into the card graveyard and robbing you of two levels.

That sneaky bastard… You take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s alright. The only other person who is level 9 is that ancient monster finding bastard, but he isn’t prepared for your plan. The thief is next, and he places divine intervention on the table. It’s fine, the only priest at the table is… the ancient monster finding bastard. He climbs over your plant whipped corpse and takes his place wearing nothing but a pair of boots and the spiked codpiece. And you have to congratulate him, because you’re going back into the dungeon with him again, next Friday, and he is bringing the beer.


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